Short Story Time Update

I so adore babies and children. But what is exciting is that around April 17 or there about my daughter in law will give birth to a son . And then sometime over July my middle daughter will have twins. It’s going to be a busy summer especially since my daughter has a son who is nearly 2 and they reside in Texas. I’m getting so excited and if there is any grandma out there in cyber space that has twins  I would sure love to hear your story.

I love babies so much especially my own grandson. They are precious gifts from above and what is more fun then enjoying them and being able to give them back to their mommies and daddies . I have a small farm house and soon it will be filled with joyous laughter and baby giggles and precious memories.

My youngest has since moved back home and we are enjoying time spent together watching her learn and grow and become a better person. I had gotten over the empty nest and her return is a welcome. Which is why I haven’t been online much.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Sharing Time

Isn’t Food what is on our minds a lot especially during the holidays? When we are sitting at work we think about food. We talk about food. We share recipes and then we realize oh, our clothes shrunk. Time to rethink what we should be doing. I know this happens every year to me. We set a resolution and then it sort of fades like in our subconscious mind. Sigh….ok.

I want to share a yummy recipe now. And I hope I get some feedback as I would like to know what others think, as I know what Matt thinks. And his opinion matters so much to me. This time of year I love to make goolash, chili and soups. I mean who, especially men, do not love soups and chili. So here is my mom’s soup recipe and it’s yummy and so quick and easy to make and most of the ingredients are in our cupboards.

Take out a large stock pan and fill up at least 2 inches of cool water. And then peel and dice 4 potatoes, 3 carrots, and 1 onion along with I can or 1 jar of stewed tomatoes. We use our own home made. Boil this for 20 mins with 2 bay leaves. Then add 1 handful of egg noodles. 1 can of tomato soup, a pinch of salt and pepper, and 1 TBS of chicken seasoning. I add 1/2 c frozen corn and 1 can of red beans. I also add 1 pinch of Italian seasoning and 1 pinch of Mrs dash. It’s to your taste. Then let this mixture boil for 15 mins. It’s usually done at this point and ready to eat. You can also season and taste and add to your discretion.

Grab bowls and crackers and even your favorite sandwich. Cause this soup is warm and good. And in our home it only lasts 2 days. So cook it up and enjoy and let me know how yours turned out.






Winter wonderland

Today I took some time to go outside with my dogs and let them run. We have some snow on the ground and ice. It’s fun to watch them romp and play and chase each other and skid on the ice. The weather was just right, not to cold and not to windy. They had such a blast and it made me think of many things in my life that I rarely think about.

For instance the kids are grown now. But they used to go sledding and so did I. In fact I still go once in a while with friends of mine. It’s fun and kids enjoy it so much. It’s in these times in our faded memories that we compartmentalize in our minds, things we used to do for future memories.

Another instance was when my older dog who is only 3, used to love going for walks in the snow every day. We would go down to the creek and he would get drinks and stand on the ice. He still loves that.

Memories of when I was a child stand out when my step dad would take me for snowmobile rides. I leaned to ride alone and thought I was quite good untill I tipped one over one day going to fast and turning. I broke the gas line on it but I wasn’t hurt. Those were fond memories of winter time. From making snow forts to snowmen and snowballs.

A great memory of winter was going inside after getting wet and cold and having mom take off my wet and cold things and give me hot chocolate. I still to this day enjoy a good hot cup of cocoa.

These memories sneak up on us when we stop and take time for ourselves and let the stress run away and just sit back and think of times when we were young. While I miss my kids growing up at home, I am thankful we can FaceTime and message each other. I’m glad that while our busy days take over that there is still time to breath, time to think, time for texting and time for rest.

Take time for yourself this winter and do not let the blues get you down.


The yearly Jar

Has anyone seen the jar where you stick a note inside to be read at the end of the year? This is how I picture it. The jar is filled up then with notes that are more often then not good things that happened during the year. This idea is supposed to help you learn to appreciate and enjoy things as they come. Its supposed to give out pleasant and possitive vibes  and I have wanted to try this and seemingly keep forgetting. If anyone has tried this in the past please share your responses so I can get some idea of how it goes.

Thanks and have a fantastic week.



Here is where I start the journey to someplace out there in the wide, electronic  universe. Here is where I start the journey to visiting with others and to helping others, and sharing ideas, and thoughts and recipes, photos and enjoyment. Here is where I share what we, as a couple have learned. While we are somewhat newbies to farming and blogging, we still want to see how others enjoy, or even stress, if I may use that word.

Its been a long road from recovery of a life I knew when my children were born to now. Many years ago I never dreamed I would be in this place that I am at now. Yet, in many ways I am much happier and better off, and although I struggle with issues from day to day, I am thankful for all that I have.

Now I must be frank, We are very strong Christians, and I do hope that I do not change someones opinion about what we do or why.  I am not here to preach, or offend or judge. I simply want to share and allow others into our lives, to get that glimpse of what is out there. Farming is not easy and while we work outside the home currently, its my main idea to eventually stay home full time. My children are grown up and moved out, and grand-kids are around and while I am searching my heart for what is best in my life, I constantly feel that I belong at home. I know there are many out there that feel the same way. Many who have babies and long to stay home with them. I was able to do that when mine were little. I enjoyed it and I miss it, and I tell my adult kids to enjoy the times they have and will have in the future.

I am making bread while I am typing this. I actually make my own flour to. I have wheat issues and while its not just wheat, it is what is put into wheat. Hence the reason I make my own. I can eat my own bread and not have any problems. I Will eventually share that with someone if requested, the recipe, and how I make the flour. There is also a story there behind wheat. We grow wheat, and there is an abundance of wheat stored in the United States, while many go starving in our own country, we have to much wheat. Wheat is a huge commodity. As I stated though, it isn’t the wheat that hurts our bodies, it is what they stick into the wheat being processed into things that hurts us.


For now I must get busy and back to my bread making. My dogs are napping, I fed the chickens, two other stories for later, and the cats are snoozing.

Have a great afternoon.